Youth Services

Youth Services HartfordNew Haven

We offer programs and positive alternatives to at-risk youth in our inner cities, including school-based programs and juvenile justice services.

Centro San Jose Youth Services New Haven

Centro San Jose offers comprehensive services for youth emphasizing positive youth development and focuses on academics, leadership, employment skills training, and civic engagement, along with cultural, recreational and social development.

Fostering Responsibility, Education and Employment (F.R.E.E.) Hartford

F.R.E.E provides reentry services to support adolescents and young adults involved with the juvenile justice system who are returning to their community from out‐of‐home care. The program provides an array of services to support the adolescent’s growth in all areas of functioning (e.g., educational/vocational, social, health and employment) as well as providing family‐focused interventions that build on natural supports, by accessing services and opportunities available in the local service continuum.

Matthew 25 Scholarship Hartford

Assists economically disadvantaged Hartford youth in obtaining a private school education. The program fosters educational and social success through financial assistance and mentoring support.

Support for Pregnant and Parenting Teens Hartford

Located in Hartford Public High School the program is focused on improving the health, education and social outcomes for pregnant and parenting students and their children with a main overarching goal of increasing school retention and graduation rates.

Thirman L. Milner Community School Hartford

Built around a strong instructional core, Hartford Community Schools are both a set of partnerships and places where services, supports, and opportunities lead to improved student learning, stronger families, and healthier communities. Community schools focus on the whole child and family by providing resources to support academic, health and social development. Services include extended-day programming, summer programming, and student/family support services.

Youth Services Locations

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