Services for Persons with Intellectual Disabilities

We provide safe, nurturing residential programs and day services in which persons with intellectual disabilities can reach the highest level of independence possible.

Founded in September of 1988 to provide assisted living services for adults with intellectual disability, our community residences are first and foremost homes.

Catholic Charities currently operates residences throughout the state of Connecticut that are designed to provide a place for the residents to feel safe and relaxed, to interact with caring people, and to learn new skills. Each home is supervised by trained staff 24 hours/7 days a week. In addition, Catholic Charities offers vocational opportunities as well as leisure activities to enrich the lives of eleven adults.

We help each resident develop the confidence and self-esteem to reach the greatest possible level of independence.

Customized Program Plans and a Team Approach
Catholic Charities strives to create individual programming that accommodate the special needs of each individual, while focusing on the acquisition and development of daily living skills. Personal goals, identified by the individual, drive the plan of care within each of the individual’s program.  Residents are encouraged to continue to set new personal goals and strive to develop greater self-sufficiency, self-confidence, and independence.

Residents are part of the greater community in which they live
Our program encourages residents to see themselves as valuable members of their community. During the day, individuals that participate in our Day Services programming are competitively employed, participate in vocational training or in day treatment programs whether that is at our Day Services location in Newington, community based or within their own home.

Weekends and evenings are spent in similar ways to all of their neighbors – chores, grocery shopping, visiting with family, attending religious services, perhaps going to a movie or the park, or just relaxing. Residents use local banks, shops, libraries, post offices, doctors, and pharmacies.

Catholic Charities encourages all to participate in volunteer opportunities within the community, this includes our employees and individuals receiving services. Historically, residents have made crafts and gifts for senior citizens living in convalescent homes and provided holiday meals to those in need.

We welcome support from individuals and from local community organizations and parishes. Contact us to discuss ways you can help.

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Locations for Services for Persons with Intellectual Disabilities

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