Pregnancy Counseling

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Read About Our Adoption Program

Read About Our Adoption Program

Catholic Charities is one of the oldest private agencies providing pregnancy counseling and adoption services in Connecticut. For over ninety years, we have been dedicated to preserving families and caring for children of all races and religions.

  • There are no fees for these pregnancy counseling services.
  • Our crisis pregnancy and adoption program is licensed by the Connecticut Department of Children and Families.

Catholic Charities is staffed by professional social workers who are trained specifically to work with women who are in a crisis pregnancy. Our dedicated staff can help link you to the resources you will need to enjoy a healthy pregnancy, including:

  • Pre-natal Care
  • Housing/Transportation
  • Financial Assistance
  • Counseling
  • Adoption Services

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What Are My Choices?

Catholic Charities is a pro-life agency. Whether or not a pregnancy is planned, every child is a gift and a blessing. Our dedicated professional staff will guide you and your partner as you determine the future plan for your child, whether it is raising your child with your partner, parenting your child with other family support or voluntarily making a plan of adoption.

What Can I Expect From Catholic Charities?

  • RESPECT: for you through the services we provide and in the decision you make for your child
  • EDUCATION: about your choices, determining the best permanent living environment for you and your child, whether you decide to parent, place a child with a family member or make a plan of adoption
  • COUNSELING: in coming to a decision that is best for your child and dealing with the emotions that come, both before and after, with that decision
  • SUPPORT: in making a permanent plan for your child
  • ASSISTANCE: with getting services in the community such as medical, pre-natal care, housing, nutrition, and financial assistance
  • ENCOURAGEMENT: in your decision to parent your child or your decision in selecting and meeting adoptive parents

Making a Decision

Pregnancy can be an unsettling time for a woman, even in the best of circumstances. It causes many physical, emotional and life changes. You may be scared and confused about the decision you face, particularly if you are not sure about what permanent plan to make for your baby. Talking in private to a trained, sensitive and knowledgeable counselor about your options could help.  We can provide you with all the information you need to make a well informed choice and set your mind at ease.

Have You Explored All Your Possibilities?

You are making a plan for your child out of love and wanting the best life for him/her. You are considering the needs of your child before your own. You may be thinking of adoption as a possibility but have you explored all your other options? This may be a very difficult time for you because it is an important decision and one that will affect your life and the life of your child.  You will want to explore all of your choices before deciding on adoption. We can help you to assess ALL your options without pressure to choose any one option over another.


If you choose to raise your child, you should consider what plans and dreams you have for your own future and how these can still be achieved while caring for your child. Where will you live?  How will you financially support yourself and your baby?  Is family support available?  Will your child have a father figure in his/her life? How can you complete your education? How ready do you feel to take on the responsibilities of being a parent?

You do not have to answer all these questions today. We are here to support you. We can help you answer these questions. Some of the problems you are facing may be temporary. We can discuss what services are available to you and your baby.


Adoption can be a healthy alternative for some expectant parents. The decision to place a child for adoption is a difficult one. It takes time to feel confident in such a decision. As you learn more about how adoption works and about families waiting to adopt your decision may become clearer.

If adoption becomes your choice, Catholic Charities can help you through this process in a way that will feel empowering to you. Each and every adoption plan becomes a very personalized collaboration between you and the couple you choose to raise your child. If you prefer, you will meet the adoptive couple whom you select for your child.  Both sets of parents have one goal in common: to provide a child with a loving, secure and permanent home that she/he deserves. It is important that you receive complete and correct information on the emotional and legal processes that an adoption plan entails.

What Is My Role In Making An Adoption Plan?

As the birthparent(s), you have the responsibility to make many decisions. If you prefer, you will be able to pick the family for your child, meet the family and come to an agreement about what type of contact and relationship you will have with your child’s adoptive family in the future.

What Type of Relationship Can I Choose to Have With My Child and the Adoptive Parents?

  • Open Adoption: Catholic Charities believes that an open adoption can often be best for everyone involved: you, your child and the adoptive parents. An open adoption allows you and the potential adoptive parents to know something about each other. There are different levels of openness and you can choose the level of openness and contact that seems right for you.
    • Least Open: You will read about several potential adoptive families and pick the family that sounds best for your baby. You will only know each other’s first names, medical, social and educational information.
    • More Open: You can meet the potential adoptive family. Your social worker will arrange the meeting and be there with you when you meet.
    • Most Open: You and the adoptive parents share your full names, addresses, and telephone numbers. Over the years you stay in contact with the family and your child, through an open line of communication (email, texting, calling, writing and/or visiting).

Will My Child Wonder Why I Chose Adoption?

Adoptive children almost always wonder about this.  We will help your child’s adoptive parents think about how to sensitively share such information with your child over time. If you choose an open adoption there will be contact between you and the adoptive family, so your child will know at an early age about why you made a plan of adoption.

Client Rights

  1. To expect respect, honesty, integrity, confidentiality and professionalism from the agency.
  2. To be educated about all your options, whether you are thinking of parenting, placing your child with a family member, or making a plan of adoption.
  3. To be empowered to make the best decision for you and your child and to have your choice be honored and supported.
  4. To receive services from the agency without discrimination of religion, ethnic background, age or sex.
  5. To receive the adoption laws governing the state of Connecticut.
  6. To be informed of the legal consequences of terminating your parental rights.
  7. To make a fully informed plan with the right to change your mind.
  8. To receive all agency documents that you may have signed.
  9. To name your child when he or she is born.
  10. To receive information about the potential adoptive parents and to meet and interview them.
  11. To place your child with a family that has the same religious preference as your own.

Pregnancy Counseling Offices

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