Family Support & Strengthening Services

Basic Needs

When an immediate unexpected crisis prevents families and individuals from functioning, Catholic Charities provides food, clothing, utility assistance, and holiday assistance through emergency case management and advocacy services.

Court Ordered Parenting Education (PEP)

PEP is a court-mandated class for parents undergoing divorce, civil union dissolution, annulment, separation, custody or visitation proceedings.  It is designed to educate parents about the impact of divorce or separation on their children and how to help them effectively adjust to the changes in their new family structure.  Classes are open to both Catholics and Non-Catholics. You can view and register for your class on the Court Ordered Parenting Education Calendar.

Empowering People for Success

The Empowering People for Success Program is a statewide program designed to assist current and past recipients of Temporary Family Assistance to achieve self-reliance through intensive solution-focused case management and care coordination that identifies and reduces the effects of barriers to sustained employment. The program helps families to become self-sufficient, ensuring that clients have a full set of life skills, assisting clients to achieve the necessary level of education for their careers, assisting clients to obtain employment, and minimizing risks to children through improving family safety.

Family Centers

The Family Centers are built upon the principles of parent empowerment and leadership development with parent driven advisory councils. They offer children and parents a comprehensive array of programs in a neighborhood-based location that help children grow and develop, parents achieve their own personal and educational goals, and families to build stronger communities. Research on the development of resilience suggests this two-generation approach to preventing poverty by focusing on creating optimal conditions to support families and children, reduce stress and deliberately steer childhood development in favorable directions.

Fatherhood Support

These programs provide resources to help fathers become aware of the important role they play in their children’s overall well being and assist fathers in parenting, relationships and economic stability. Services include home visiting services, groups and case management and are available in English and Spanish.

Parenting Education

A range of educational and counseling services are provided to assist parents in dealing with challenging issues that might have the potential to disrupt the family. Special programs include Nurturing Families Network and Parenting Support Services home visiting programs and groups are offered. Catholic Charities also offers the Parenting Education Program (PEP) designed for parents with active divorce, separation or custody cases in the Family Division of the Connecticut court system and educates participants about the many issues facing children when the structure of the family changes.

Family Support & Strengthening Services Locations

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