Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?
Most programs offer a sliding fee scale based on family income. Contact the program nearest you and talk with the director for specific information.

What age children do you accept?
We provide quality care at our child development centers for children from age 3 through age 5. Some of our centers can accommodate children of all ages, while others are dedicated preschool/school readiness programs for children 3 to 5 years old.

Can I observe my child at the child development center?
Yes, Catholic Charities subscribes to an open door policy when it comes to parents visiting their children enrolled in our programs. Parents are welcomed and encouraged to observe their children and the program.

What is the child/teacher ratio?
1 teacher to 4 infants, 1 teacher to 4 toddlers, 1 teacher to 9 preschoolers.

How many children are in each room?
The number varies depending on room size and the age of the children, but generally, our preschool classes contain 8 to 18 children. Contact the child development center nearest you for specific information on that facility.

Does my child have to be toilet trained?
Yes, our centers require that children be toilet trained. Children who have not fully mastered toilet training may bring pull-ups for certain times of the day (nap time).

My child does not speak English at home, will you take him/her?
Yes, all our programs have bi-lingual staff.

What training do your teachers/caregivers have?
Our teachers have a formal Early Childhood Education background, with a minimum of a Child Development Associate (CDA) degree, and additional credits in Early Childhood/ Child Development.  Many of our teachers have a Bachelor’s degree or higher qualifications.

Do you provide snacks or meals?
At many of our child development centers we provide breakfast and/or lunch. Morning and afternoon snack is provided at all sites. Contact the center nearest you for specific information about that location.

Can you accommodate food allergies?

Do you accept State of Connecticut Care 4 Kids Program Vouchers?
Yes, all families are encouraged to apply. All children in school readiness funded slots are required to apply.

Can I visit the center before I decide?

Will quality early childhood education really help my child prepare for school success?
Yes. Research shows that children who attend full-time early childhood education programs do better in school. They are much more likely to read on grade level, graduate from high school, and attend college.

Why is Catholic Charities’ NAEYC accreditation important?
National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) accreditation represents the mark of quality in early childhood education in the United States. To achieve NAEYC accreditation early childhood programs are measured against the most robust and rigorous national standards on education, health and safety.

Early Childhood Services Locations

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