Special Needs Adoption Frequently Asked Questions

Do we/I have to be Catholic to adopt through Catholic Charities?
Members of any faith or denomination are welcome to adopt through Catholic Charities. We require only that prospective parent(s) have a sense of spirituality and be active participants in some organized religion. Catholic Charities believes that the healthy development of children requires attention to their physical, psychological, intellectual, emotional and spiritual growth.

Is there a fee to adopt a special needs child?
Our homestudy fee is $2,000. Our adoption fees are based on a sliding scale and depend on the actual services rendered. The fees of collaborating agencies vary. The Department of Children and Families charges no fee.

What is a homestudy?
A homestudy is an important first step in the adoption process, and it is required by law. The homestudy is a report on the adoptive parent(s)/family and is compiled after a series of interviews both in the offices of Catholic Charities and in the home of the adoptive family. The homestudy process is generally completed within a few months. Many topics are discussed during the homestudy, including your family history, education, parenting skills, and relationships. Your social worker also addresses your thoughts about adopting a child with special needs, as well your questions, concerns and expectations.

Is a subsidy available?
Your social worker will direct you toward possible sources for subsidy.

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