Special Needs Adoption

For individuals or couples wishing to adopt a child or children with special needs

Catholic Charities has always advocated the right of every child to have a loving, permanent home. Not all children are born into such family environments. For those children who have become victims of abuse or neglect and for those children who have serious medical conditions which prevent their families of origin from parenting them, Catholic Charities works with private agencies and the Connecticut Department of Children and Families to facilitate adoptive placements.

Special needs of children may include, but not limited to, serious physical, emotional, intellectual or mental disabilities; and older children (5+ years) who have been abused or neglected and for whom placement with family members is not an option. Our caring, experienced professional social workers help prepare families and provide resources for parenting a child with special needs.

Individuals or couples may welcome a child with special needs into their family through domestic adoption. Catholic Charities works collaboratively with other agencies to assist prospective adoptive parents in locating a child.

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