Step-by-Step Guide to Domestic Adoption



Potential adoptive parents approach the process with many questions, fears, and uncertainties. At Catholic Charities, you will have an opportunity to ask questions and to speak with families who have already successfully adopted through the agency.


All adoptions require an agency licensed by the State of Connecticut to prepare a report on the adoptive parent(s)/family. This report is called a homestudy and is compiled after a series of interviews with the parent(s)/family in our offices and in your home. The purpose of the homestudy is two-fold:

  • to assess the stability and readiness of the prospective adoptive family to parent
  • to educate the family about adoption.

A homestudy includes the following:

  • Intake: Completing a written application and answering a number of autobiographical questions in the first step of your homestudy.
  • Home and office visits: Your homestudy also will include one home visit by a Catholic Charities social worker and several appointments at our offices. There is a $2,000 fee for the homestudy.

Personal Profile

During the homestudy process, you will begin to create a personal profile that is shared with birthparent(s).  Birthparent(s) are usually active participants in selecting a family for their child.

The adoptive family’s personal profile includes written information about themselves that is shared with the birthparent(s), as well as a family photo album (all of which the adopting individual/couple creates with the assistance of a Catholic Charities social worker).


A family may have a child placed in their home through either of two sources:

  1. the adoptive individual/couple’s efforts at networking to identify a birth parent, or
  2. birthparents who come directly to Catholic Charities crisis pregnancy program.

While all adoptive experiences are different, in most instances birthparents and adoptive families will meet each other.


Following placement, your Catholic Charities social worker will visit with you and your child in your home to assess the growth and development of your child, support your family’s adjustment and bonding with your child, and to address any concerns you may have about the challenges of parenting through adoption.


The legal process of adoption is usually completed within six months after a child joins his/her adoptive family. The legal documents necessary to finalize your child’s adoption will be prepared by your Catholic Charities social worker and submitted to your local probate court where the Probate Judge will grant the final adoption decree.

Adoption Program Offices

To find an Adoption Program Office close to your location, click on the markers in the map.