Gifts of Stock

Thank you for considering a gift to Catholic Charities

Securities Held by Your Bank or Broker

Please notify your bank or broker that you are making a gift of securities to Catholic Charities and ask a representative of your bank or broker to telephone (860) 728-2571, for instructions. Please ask your bank or broker not to proceed before speaking with our Development Office.

Securities Held by You

Please telephone (860) 728-2571 for instructions on forwarding your gift. Please speak with our Development Office before completing any transferee information or forwarding the stock certificate and stock power. Stock powers may be obtained from your bank or broker or from our Development Office and should always be mailed separately from stock certificates.

If you have any questions or require further information:
Please contact John P. Noonan
Director of Development and Communications
by telephone (860) 728-2571 or by e-mail

Checks or inquiries may be mailed directly to:
Development Office
Catholic Charities
839-841 Asylum Avenue
Hartford, CT 06105-2801