Bequests and Other Planned Gifts

Thank you for considering a gift to Catholic Charities.

The Catholic Family Legacy Fund

Reasons for giving to Catholic Charities are varied and personal. Remembering Catholic Charities in your will may have tax advantages for your estate while your gift can make a difference for generations of families and children to come. Please consult your attorney for the most accurate advice on estate planning for your personal situation.

Bequests and Gifts Can Take Many Forms:

  • You may make a cash bequest to Catholic Charities of a specified dollar amount
  • You may give, devise, or bequeath appreciated securities, real property, or tangible personal property, including automobiles
  • You may name Catholic Charities as a residuary beneficiary of your estate. A residuary beneficiary receives your estate’s remaining assets only after all specific bequests, estate taxes, debts and other expenses have been deducted.

You Can Remember Catholic Charities in Your Will by Using the Following Language:

“I give [insert amount or other named items] to Catholic Charities, Inc. – Archdiocese of Hartford with its principal office at 839-841 Asylum Avenue, Hartford, Connecticut 06105”

You Can Decide How Your Gift Will Be Used

You may indicate if you would like us to use your gift to support a specific program or service we offer, or if you would like your gift to be applied to a particular local office. Unrestricted gifts will be used where they are most needed in your local area.

Other Kinds of Planned Giving

You may wish to name Catholic Charities as a beneficiary or as a secondary beneficiary of an insurance policy or qualified retirement plan. Property is distributed to a secondary beneficiary only if you outlive all of your named beneficiaries.

Additional planned giving options exist under current tax laws that may have immediate tax benefits for you, your family, and your estate. Some of these options continue to provide you with income during your lifetime while offering significant tax benefits. Your attorney can provide the most accurate advice on estate planning for your personal situation and charitable intentions.

If you have any questions or require further information:
Please contact John P. Noonan
Director of Development and Communications
by telephone (860) 728-2571 or by e-mail

Checks or inquiries may be mailed directly to:
Development Office
Catholic Charities
839-841 Asylum Avenue
Hartford, CT 06105-2801