Hi! We’re Neil, Francesca and Violet.

Francesca and NeilThank you for taking your time to get to know us. We’ve been praying for a little one to fill out our family and we hope that our profile provides you with peace of mind that you will choose the right adoptive family for your child. Having adopted our first child, Violet, we do not take this decision lightly. We understand the enormous sacrifice and selfless act you are considering.  Although we are incredibly blessed, lucky and grateful to Violet’s birthparents, words cannot express how much we look forward to sharing our life with another child.


I was born and spent my childhood in Puerto Rico and moved to Connecticut when I was eight years old. My first language is Spanish and I am an only child. I am shy when I first meet someone. Once I feel comfortable I am outgoing, funny, a good listener and protective of those I love and care for. I like to decorate, improve and clean our home.

I love animals, especially dogs. I see my parents every day as they watch Violet for us since I returned to work after a year off. I appreciate and find pleasure in little things like a good cheese-burger, a pretty flower, a good song on the radio, or a bubble bath.

I am a Spanish teacher at a middle school.  I love getting to know the students, hearing their stories and jokes and watching their eyes light up when they make a connection to what they are learning. Teaching provides an awesome schedule which works great with raising children.

Motherhood, I still find it hard to explain, as silly as it sounds is a dream come true. All the tears and heartache of failed tries and fertility treatments were worth it. God blessed me with brave, trusting and selfless birthparents. Violet’s birthparents have given me the missing piece of my heart.


I was born and raised in Connecticut. I am the youngest of five. I am hardworking, loyal, outgoing and laid back. I easily make friends and put people at ease. I have a great sense of humor and I love to make people laugh.I enjoy playing basketball, softball and recently began to coach lacrosse again. I enjoy playing golf with my brothers and father.  I love watching movies and baseball games, going to restaurants, and traveling with Francesca and Violet.

I also fancy myself a chef and finally have a little kitchen helper. Being the youngest of five, my mom was tired of cooking by the time I became a teenager.  Francesca says my best dish is my chicken pasta, in her words, it’s “award winning.”  Violet likes to try everything I cook and loves my pasta, spaghetti and clam sauce.

I work in a family business and also I am part owner in a local bar and grill. I am very passionate and proud of my businesses and their success.

The success and family support I have will help me provide for the household when Francesca takes a year off from work to raise a child.

Fatherhood, for me, it was love at first sight. I enjoy every minute with my little girl.


Violet was born on October 25th and came home December 2nd. We were very lucky we only had to wait one year to become parents. Violet is now two and half years old. The time has gone by in the blink of an eye. Violet is a sweet, wondrous, adventurous and active girl. Violet enjoys the beach, going to the park, playing with her dogs and traveling. Violet is loved and adored by her entire family. Violet cannot wait to be a big sister to play, teach and share life’s journey. Violet’s birth-mother is excited to know we plan to adopt again.

The Family

Together we enjoy Saturday night dance parties and bubble parties. We love going to the park together, playing on the swing sets and slides. For vacation we love to go to the beach, New York City and the Caribbean. Violet’s had two plane trips already and we are planning another for this summer.

The Dogs

Our dogs are Lila (pronounced in Spanish) and Tulley.  Lila is a seven year old Sheppard mix. Our neighbors found her wandering the streets and we decided to take her in. Lila is very loyal and loves to go for walks and destroy her chew toys and Violet’s stuffed animals.  Lila covers Neil with kisses and is Francesca’s cuddle bug.  Lila has become Violet’s best friend.  In exchange for food, Violet is allowed to ride Lila like a pony, constantly hug her and kiss her.Tulley is a husky/lab mix about three years old that we rescued from the North Shore Animal League. He is very handsome and loves to bark and chew on things.  Violet enjoys petting his soft fur and sitting on him.

Our House/Neighborhood

We live in a large 4 storey home. The home has plenty of room for a growing family. We love our house. We take pleasure in making it very warm and inviting. We have a fenced in yard that is flat and a deck for enjoying the warm weather. There is a park walking distance from our house. Saturday mornings the park is filled with children playing and laughing. Neil and I love to take Violet to the park. Our home is also a short drive from a hospital, a church and a pharmacy. We can also see the 4th of July fireworks from our house.  The neighborhood is quiet and charming and close to family.

Thank you

Thank you for taking the time to view our profile. I hope it shed some light on our family and who we are. Rest assured that we will always love your child, provide him or her with the knowledge that he or she is adopted and your journey as a birthparent. We will also provide for all your child’s physical, emotional and spiritual needs. Your child will be in a loving, secure and safe home and family.  If you would like more information about us please contact our social worker Nadine Behmke at nbehmke@ccaoh.org or call 203-596-9359 ext 228.